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31. märtsil 2012 a. toimunud Linnade ja Valdade Üldkogu materjalid

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Üleskutse omavalitsustele osalemiseks Urban Green Day projektis

8. mai 2005. Euroopa Komisjoni toetusel on ICLEI  edastanud ka tänavu üleskutse Euroopa linnadele üheskoos tähistada GET INVOLVED IN URBAN GREEN DAYS projekti raames 31. maist 3. juunini 2005 keskkonnasõbralikku nädalat ja 5. juunil ülemaailmset keskkonnapäeva. ELL on koostööpartner toetaja poolelt.

Euroopa Komisjon kutsub kõiki Euroopa linnu ühendama kavanadatavaid keskkonnaalaseid üritusi sel perioodil nimetatud projekti raamesse. Planeeritud tegevused hõlmavad nii traditsioonilisi ettevõtmisi ülemaailmse keskkonnapäeva tähistamiseks kui ka uusi algatusi mai- ja juunikuu jooksul. Palun tutvuge edastatud üleskutsega ja andke oma tegemistest teada aadressil

Eestikeelne tutvustus

Celebrate Urban Green Days 2005!

PS Samast üritusest eelmisel aastal lugege:

Urban Green Days 2005 will be celebrated by local governments across Europe between 31 May and 5 June 2005. In 2004, 250 Urban Green Days (UGD) events took place, including both traditional World Environment Day events and newly initiated actions. We invite you and your citizens to join this year's expanding initiative! UGD is an initiative of the European Commission, and is the local part of the Brussels European Green Week that coincides with World Environment Day.

Participating local governments will reap benefits both at the local and European level. One of Urban Green Days’ aims is that decentralised events will inspire citizens, businesses, local authorities and other urban actors to improve the environment's quality by implementing changes in behaviour. Besides raising awareness, the events provide citizens with information and exchange opportunities about current and future environmental work of their local governments. The inclusion of a wider public in urban environmental issues will only strengthen efforts aiming for cities and towns with a better quality of life.

Urban Green Days, being part of an annual Europe-wide initiative, will have a larger impact on national and European government levels, and attract more attention by the public and the media than single local events. All UGD events will be showcased on by completion of a simple form in the site's database of
activities. Local governments may highlight their city or town by submitting video clips, photos and other material.

In addition, UGD events may be selected for broadcasting during the Green Week in Brussels, and all participating local governments will be invited to apply to get their awareness-raising measure published in a good practice study that will be widely promoted.

Urban Green Days 2005 will take place throughout Green Week (31 May to 3 June 2005) and on 5 June - World Environment Day. UGD events will be different from city to city, depending on the needs, resources and aims of each community.

UGDs may include open-door days, field visits, school events, public events in markets, public squares and shopping centres, seminars and conferences. For inspiration, all events organised in 2004 are listed on UGD 2005 highlights in particular climate change with topics such as sustainable transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Urban Green Days is a European Commission, Directorate General Environment initiative. ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability coordinates the Initiative and together with National Coordinators and Promoters in all the EU25 countries supports all interested local governments with a range of services.

For more information:

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability
European Secretariat
Leopoldring 3
79098 Freiburg / Germany
Phone: +49-761 / 36 89 2-0, fax: +49-761 / 36 89 2-29

24. maist infot:

Dear Urban Green Days National Partners,

We have just registered in  the website the 100th local initiative joining the
Urban Green Days 2005.

The European Commission has acknowledged that local governments play
an important role in protecting the environment by launching UrbanGreen Days, an initiative that links cities and towns' environmental awareness-raising events. 100 Urban Green Day 2005 activities in 20 countries have already been registered at

Our aim is to demonstrate that local governments are active and fully  engaged with the promotion of environmental and sustainability topics. To do this we want to have even more local initiative joining the UGD2005

So we ask you: Send us any information that you have about local events that you know are happening in your country.

Even if just a website or a name of a city do send us that and we will follow up on that. If each of the 23 National Partners send us 10 references we can add 230 new local actions.

That would be excellent!!!

We will be looking forward for your input.

Best regards,
Joao Rabaca

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